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Paul Manandizе: “you in Europe don’t understand this, but it’s a reality!”

Good evening to the international community !

We observe from a moment , me personally , form the beginning of the terrorist attacks , I mean 24.02.2022  , that a lot of soldier’s of the terrorist state , russia , move to the territory and terrorist state to  of Biélorussia !

I know that in Europe you don’t understand  that !

But is the reality !

Biélorussie help russia from the begining .

And the first attacks , when terrorist  do them monstruosity on the population of Bucha , Irpin , Gastomel…

They came  from Bielorusissia ! !

The dictator and terrorist president Lukashenko allow russia to attacks UkrAine from them territory !

But the terrorist president lukashenko are still free !

Maybe INTERPOL  have to arrest the war criminal terrorist Lukashenko!?


Russian solider  are I think now 50.000 and they want to come to 60/70.000 in the territory of Biélorussia.


The attacks can be almost everyday !

From today !

We know that Russia love date for attacks .

It can be for 24.12 ,

Catholique Christmas .

It can be for new year !

And we know that russia plan to send us 2 nucleary bomb .

Probably that day too ! Maybe before or after .

It’s time right now , to stop it all !

To stop the terrorist !

They prepare it , we see it !

So I would like to ask the international communauty to have a eye on the border of Ukraine ??, with Biélorussia !

We don’t want that 70.000 russian’s mama will celebrate Christmas without son !

It’s very important to do somehting and to begin to talk seriously with the terrorist president of Biélorussia .

Maybe take him out of his thrones !

We know that In Biélorussia we have a lot of friend’s!

It’s maybe time to take your freedom back Belorussian’s ?

I hope the international communauty , you will move fast this time and do something also fast !

In action !

It’s very serious !

Our childrens deserve peace for Christmas and not bomb !

Best wishes for all !

And love from Ukraine !

Glory to Ukraine !



Paul Manandise,


head of the Department of International Influence and Culture of the Information and Analytical Center for National Security of Ukraine

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