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TO PROHIBIT any russian “artist” from performing on any stage of the world is a matter of morality, ethics and etiquette! – Paul Мanandise

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the Berlin Opera’s decision to resume cooperation with the Russian singer Hanna Netrebko, who took part in the premiere performance on the stage of the Berlin Opera on Friday, September 15.


Russia lost its right to representation the day it tried to deceive the world!

Since February 24, 2022, russia has been lying to every citizen of the world to cover up the murders it is committing in Ukraine. Let me remind you, in Mariupol, for example, it caused the deaths of 100,000 civilians! And committed abominations with full understanding.

100,000 is already enough to recognize genocide, under the guise of a “special operation”.


I fully support the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in his appeal to cancel all representations of this Anna Netrebko – From – NOT NEEDED” – ko, to NO ONE! Which, in addition to the fact that she is probably an agent of influence, is also a traitor, because she is of Ukrainian origin, from Kuban region, which belonged to Ukraine.

Both letters “K” – “O” together mean a daughter or a son of Ukraine.


The stage is a place of influence.

Russia is destroying an entire nation with this weapon and tries to justify its atrocities with lies. Zombifying the world.


Russia should not have access to any public space to spread its propaganda, manipulate lives and minds for horrific purposes.


Anyechka, go back to your satanic king. Let the people of the world live in peace, no one wants to see and listen to you. The stage is a place for love, humanity, community and creativity that move the world forward, not push it to hell.


Manipulation. Propaganda. program. Corruption is no longer welcome anywhere. And when you pretend to act or sing in big theaters, you have a minimum of education, Anyechka, to apologize for supporting Satan.


When you understand that, then we will talk.


The only way to stop the genocide of Ukrainians by russia is to cut it off from all world communications.


Paul Manandise


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