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Paul Manandise: putin is confident in his impunity. He is confident, because you don’t believe that he wants to destroy the whole world

Famous French singer Paul Manandise, a friend of the Hero of Ukraine Vasyl Slipak, a patriot of our country, who has been living in Ukraine for more than 6 years and currently is actively involved in helping the front, addressed the world community.

Isn’t that an absurdity? Isn’t that a lie? Moreover, this absurdity and lie kill …

How many world leaders shook his hand in these 8 years?

He is confident in his impunity. He is confident, because you don’t believe that he wants to destroy the whole world.

Next to you in G5-G7-G8 is a serial killer, a bloodthirsty psychopath. And yet you do not react, because the poison of his propaganda is already working to make you unable to react adequately.

Ukrainians understood his ideas back in 1991 – in the all-Ukrainian referendum, Ukraine left behind the Soviet past. And then in the same way in 2013, Ukrainians turned away from cooperation with the Nazi russian regime, which officially declared itself the successor of the USSR – an “evil empire”…

We, Ukrainians, have won our freedom and our independence! And that is why Russia is killing us.

Have many people in the world – from among politicians or journalists – started talking about it? However, we heard a lot of pro-Russian narratives and opinions of “experts”, who directly or covertly tried to justify russia and its concept of “hybrid warfare.”

And today, russian Nazis call Ukrainian patriots Nazis, who with arms in hands defend their children and wives, homes, and land from russian aggressors. They fight and die, actually turning into a human shield, which today protects all of Europe from the savage Moscow horde.

The world still does not believe many things. And trying not to see the crimes of the russian occupiers in the Ukrainian Bucha, Borodyanka and Izyum… Closing their eyes to the war against the Ukrainian people, which russia calls a “special military operation”, the world attempts suicide! The new genocide against Ukrainians is only the beginning of the process that, according to the sick imagination of the kremlin’s inhumane, should bring the whole world to its knees. And he is ready for it.

This man brought his own people to the edge. Do you think that he has someone to pity in other countries? All the crimes that are in the criminal codes of European countries are being committed by the russian military today in Ukraine, violating the laws and customs of war that the civilized world has long accepted. They do it because russia is still not civilized today.

In 2014, his so-called “army” shot hundreds of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers in Ilovaisk, who had been promised a safe exit corridor if they put down their weapons. Do many people in the West know about this tragedy?

The Ilovaisk tragedy simply confirmed once again that “agreements with Russia are not worth the paper they are written on.” This phrase, by the way, was said by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the century before last. Nothing has changed in almost a century and a half.

The world is marching toward an unimaginable catastrophe. It’s time to choose.

Each of us has the right to love and happiness, to a peaceful life and a peaceful old age. Each of us wants a better future for our children. This is what I wish sincerely to all of us.

However, none of this will ever happen if together we do not stop the imperial ambitions of russia, if we allow the ideology of dictatorship and terrorism to win.

It’s time to make a decision.

And it’s time to be the first to make it.

Putin must be stopped by the world community. We are with you.

Tomorrow may be too late, if we have a “tomorrow” at all.

Always there.

Paul Manandise,

Head of Department of International Influence and Culture at Informational Analytical Center of National Security of Ukraine