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Never in my life would I have thought that humanity could become so inhuman. The sons and daughters of Ukraine fight with great dignity! They fight and die!
And don’t even think for a second that they are dying only for Ukraine.
They die and fight for all of us. For all of you.

The world only thinks about money.
Zombified! Powerless.. But it’s a shame!
Paper has become more important than the tree itself, the tree that allows us to breathe…
Is there a greater value than the soul?

I see how the presidents of the whole world show off on the Kyiv red carpet! Hands up in welcome and I can read in their faces that they truly feel they are experiencing a historic moment!
And what’s even worse, they feel really involved! And even worse – they don’t hide it!
Nice shirts, nice suits! When Ukraine..!
It’s disgusting!
Fashion shows in the middle of russian murders, in the middle of bribery and war. Horror!
Guys, I have to disappoint you!
You do not understand and have never understood politics! Politics is not words, it is action!
And we see very little action from you!
How many Ukrainians die for all of you? You have to tell yourself that.
Because that’s what we feel.

So, I must disappoint you.
There are 2 things that define history!
Now and in the future!
No one will remember the beautiful suits of soulless, inactive, incompetent presidents, ministers… Sandbox politicians ..

They will remember us!
MAIDAN and heroes of the Maidan!
Armed Forces of Ukraine!Heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

So, if you want to enter the great history of the world, and on the side of the winners and fighters for justice-
Help Ukraine! And you will help yourself!


Paul Manandise,

Head of department of international influence and culture

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine

#ПольМанандіз #PaulМanandisе