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Let’s talk about Nazis…?

Ukraine has never been nazi and never will be! The word nationalist means … to love people and the country!

The real nazis In all the russian photos !
These are Russian soldiers. Wagner. And other terrorists from russia.

1. The group “Wagner” and its leader, Prigozhin, took the name of Hitler’s favorite composer as its name.
And more!!! They cut off !!! parts of the bodies of the dead!!! And they “play” the violin with dead!!! hands!!! Of their dead victims..
Dead hands, dead legs..
They call it a “concert”!!!
By the way, borrowed from k g b.

2. The symbol in russian, on their tattoo is located at an angle of 45 degrees. Just like Hitler’s!!!
In Azov, it is vertical.

3. The Russians use the propaganda of Goebbels, hitler’s minister of propaganda. But several modifications were made to this propaganda.

4. Russia put red “armbands” on several special battalions, just like fascists, the Gestapo, Hitler…


Paul Manandise,

Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine


#ПольМанандіз #PaulМanandise