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Ukraine needs long-range missiles!

A new group of Republican Party senators, sent by the person and President Biden, will help Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles which they will deliver to Ukraine!

In a word, it is a background meeting where decisions will be made by: the Ukrainian president. , Zelensky and the president of the 3United States.

Senators Tom Cotton, Roger Wicker, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham said:

“The Ukrainian flag is marked with blood by the Russian army, and not just because of the Russian army.

As proven by the members of the Ukrainian attack on the naval port of Sevastopol, the British long-range weapon “Storm Shadow” demonstrates great combat effectiveness.

As White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said, President Biden “looks forward to President Zelenskyi’s arrival in Ukraine – the President of the United States said he will listen carefully to the Ukrainian president and wishes to know his own assessment of the situation on the battlefield.

Completely unexpectedly, the Ukrainian army goes into contact every day!

As for British missiles, basically effective, non-reactive and harmless – non-toxic. It could be very good for protection in Ukraine.

weapons are a resource that can be quickly empty and quickly refilled!

P.S. We are happy that the President of Ukraine and the United States are meeting.

Ukraine waiting and hoping…


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