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For russia to be re-admitted to the UN Human Rights Council is a nonsense!

Recently, Russia announced its desire to return to the UN Security Council on human rights. According to the BBC, in the corresponding document, russian federation promises to find “adequate solutions to human rights issues”… and this is the same russia that is declared a terrorist country and a country that finances terrorism around the world…

This is suggested by a country which, in front of the eyes of the whole world, is committing genocide in Ukraine, sending rockets, sending its army that already killed tens of thousands of civilians!

In a statement released on September 27, 2023 by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleg Nikolenko, it is emphasized that such a step on the part of the terrorist country is an attempt to “continue with impunity to grossly violate human rights, commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

I don’t understand how russia can talk about any human rights today, when it is a criminal country whose president is due for the International Tribunal in The Hague!

In addition, the international community should remember that in fact the aggressor, whose bloody crimes against the Ukrainian people are continuing, actually falsified its very membership in the United Nations! I would like to remind everyone that by declaring the succession of the soviet union regarding membership in the General Assembly, the russian federation actually bypassed a separate procedure for accepting new states into the UN and membership in the Security Council…
By the way, just as it later twisted the very concept of genocide, trying to justify it with the speculations, manipulations and lies.

I want to call on all members of the UN to deny re-entry of the murderers of the Ukrainian people – the rashists , to the UN Human Rights Council, from which they were rightfully expelled on April 7, 2022.

Will the 93 members of the General Assembly, who voted for expelling, decide to accept the fact that human rights will now be protected by those who disregard not only the norms of international law, not only the laws of war, but also the laws of humanity?

Paul Manandise
Hero National of Ukraine

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