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Axis of evil”: the Russian pole

The Russian dictator’s in visit in Beijing is another demonstration of the Kremlin’s desire to show the world that the Russian Federation is one of the big  players on the international stage. However they try , there is one “but”  – without the support of China, at least economic, as well as Iran and North Korea, Putin’s Russia will not be able to continue either the barbaric war to destroy Ukrainians or all the  terrorist activities in the world.

The world recognition of the Russian Federation as a terrorist state, and the  president of Russia  as a dictator, is evidence that the civilized world managed to look at the terrible crimes that the regular army of the aggressor state committed and continues to commit on the territory of Ukraine. And this is good news, of course.

However, the world is not yet fully aware that the “axis of evil” that Russia is now trying to rebuild with the help of “new allies” is only the first step towards the Third World…

The poisoning ( murder ) of witnesses on the territory of other countries, the Kremlin’s financial and political interference in the internal affairs of even world leaders, hostilities on the African continent, the creation of foci of tension such as Transnistria and South Ossetia have today turned into not only armed aggression against Ukraine.

The former President of Poland, Lech Walesa, directly stated the intentions of a terrorist state in Europe: “If Poland had not managed to escape to NATO and the EU, we would be in Ukraine’s place.” And Poland would be just the beginning. Let’s recall the constant threats of Kremlin propagandists to the Baltic countries…

At the same time, where the Russian Federation is unable to act directly, there are other ways – from “little green men” and private armies managed by the FSB, to bribing agents of influence, or simply training militants of terrorist organizations, providing them with weapons and funds. Living examples are the same Taliban or HAMAS.

At the same time, for some reason, no one is surprised by the similarity of the methods and techniques used by terrorist groups led or accompanied by Russian special services – this was the case in Chechnya, Syria and Lebanon, and this is the case today in Israel. Zeev Elkin, a member of the Knesset from the Makhane Mamlahta bloc, notes: “part of the weapons used by the terrorists came from Russia.”

The world must realize that today we are witnessing the creation of a kind of “terrorist coalition” of evil forces, where armed and not only mutual support of dictatorships creates a real danger for the future. And not only in relation to the existing world order, but also to the very existence of humanity.

For a while longer, we can turn a blind eye to the crimes that take place every day “under the patronage of the Kremlin” against entire nations – be it Ukrainians, Georgians and Moldovans, or the people of Israel.

But if anyone else on the planet thinks that Russia has no plans to return to the orbit of countries whose role is key in global politics, these are very dangerous and erroneous thoughts.

At the same time, the terrorist country will act as usual – if not by direct acts of aggression, then by provoking wars and ensuring terrorist attacks in other parts of the world. Let’s not forget about such locations as Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula, about the disputes between India and Pakistan, about the interests of Russia in the Middle East and on the African continent… And, by the way, in Europe itself, which today is represented in China by the same Hungary.

Evil in any form must be stopped. If this is not done by joint efforts now, tomorrow may be too late.

Russia systematically destroys everything it touches.


Andrii Galat,

Acting head of the Information and Analytical Center of National Security of Ukraine


Paul Manandise,

Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine