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Hi eveyone !
The Russian Federation, its mafia, criminal, terrorist government continue to try to infiltrate and influence the opinion of France and French people in order to incite conflicts.
To destabilize from within.
The worst thing is that they do it with impunity.

Do you know that while Russia organizes its « festival » of Russian cinema, the same Russia continues the genocide of the Ukrainian people?!

Do you dare to say, France, the country of human rights, that this is normal? That you are full of humanity and compassion??
Do you care!?
If you don’t care, let this festival happen…
They will kill you tomorrow.

Russia has neither heart or soul.
Culture is a means of influence.
Where are the organizers of the festival looking, who dared to admit Ukrainian! Yes!! Ukrainian classic!


in the box office abroad – Les cheveaux du feu – Horses of fire!

A film added by Harvard University to the list of required viewing for students pursuing an advanced degree in film studies.
The film is based on the work of M. Kotsyubynskyi. Filmed at the studio of O. Dovzhenko, S. Paradzhanov, with I. Mykolaichuk in the lead role! Music by M. Skoryk!!!
This pearl of Ukrainian art made it to the list?!
This is also a question for the Minister of Culture of Ukraine, for the Ambassador of Ukraine in France

And how dare someone allow a festival, films of a terrorist country!?
There are laws, and promoting terrorism through culture is punishable by imprisonment!!
This is called aiding and abetting terrorism.
What is punishable by law!

Russia kills children, parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, Ukrainians. And French people too! A young Frenchman, Andreas Galozzi, a volunteer who fought on behalf of France on the front lines in Ukraine, was just buried!

And right now, because of the murder of a 22-year-old Frenchman by the Russians, this festival, if it takes place, will be a complete shame for France.
France must honor, honor and respect its Heroes!

Russia uses propaganda, I remind you.
‼️this is a weapon of ‼️mass destruction!
The propaganda of Goebbels, Hitler’s Reich caused between 1939 and 1945 between 60 and 70 million deaths ( civilian ) among the civilian population, and you should know that this is the same propaganda base used by Russia.
They just made changes and updated it.
Add to this programs of sabotage and ideological sabotage…

This is how Russia has been putting the world in a false reality for decades! In reality, which does not exist. Stealing the lives of all citizens of the world.

To the traitors of humanity, the organizers of this festival and others, you have lost your voice, your honor and dignity, since the first days of the barbaric cynical war to exterminate the Ukrainian people.
Culture is not a reason for influence!
Culture is a vision.

I also remind you that interference, espionage, infiltration and propaganda are illegal on French territory.

The venue of the so-called « festival » is also not a coincidence. « Balzac » cinema.

Balzac, whose lifelong love was a Ukrainian woman, himself went to the sacred territory of Ukraine, where he married a Ukrainian woman. This tells you…
How much everything is thought out!
Because Balzac wrote beautifully about Ukraine.

Dear colleagues and dear French people.
Please help yourself!
I am asking you to protect yourself from Russian penetration into your territory.

I ask you for the honor of the Ukrainians and the French to kindly cancel and ban this and the Russian festival on the territory of France.

How can you even talk about a festival when millions of people have been dying from Russian weapons for decades.

When the NKVD/ KDB/ FSB killed all great authors, actors, singers and simply thousands of Ukrainians!
I am thinking about Vasyl Stus, Ihor Bilozir, Volodymyr Ivasyuk and others…

How can someone have such a black heart to organize a Russian festival and use the term festival?

Paul Manandise,

Chef du département influence extérieur et culture au Сentre d’analytique et d’informations Sécurité national de l’Ukraine


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