OPEN LETTER THE FRENCH NEWSPAPER “LE MONDE” , on its attempts to discredit The Hero of Ukraine, Stepan Bandera, and thus – Ukraine

STEPAN BANDERA only had two options.

If we can even talk about choice in this context. It would clearly be a choice between plague and cholera.
Stepan Bandera fought with all his might, together with his brothers and compatriots, for the sovereignty of Ukraine.
With those who we call “partisans”, that is to say, the men and women of the time, who devoted themselves to the fight against Stalin’s communism and Hitler’s Nazism!
The Ukrainians, with their patriotism, – the love of the Fatherland, – resisted!
I must and I want again and again to pay tribute to their strength, their passion and their courage!

Today, Stalin and Hitler have incarnated and reincarnated in one person, the “person” of Putin!
And this Putin took the worst of Nazism, the worst of Communism and added a mafia system to it, and that’s the policy that Putin uses.
That’s why in Ukraine, they call this mixture of Hitler, fascism, Stalin and communism -Putlerism!

You must learn from today, to appreciate the heroes of Ukraine who protect the world and their land, their children and their wives, the grandparents!,- from extremism, fascism, communism and russian terrorism!
The russian propaganda that you promote, like with publications against Stepan Bandera, is based on Goebbels propaganda! Hitler’s minister of propaganda! Program of ideological subversion! Subversive idea, or subversion, was deliberately planned and directed for decades and carried out as worldwide russification, resulting in Russia immersing you in its desired reality, so that you would never realize the danger of invasion, war, genocide. From an atomic bomb.
This program of ideological subversion has an effect similar to that of a tactical nuclear bomb.
One of the main methods of disorientation is projection, that is, blaming others for what you do yourself. This is how Russia has worked for years to discredit the great ideas that nations in need to be strong and powerful: “nationalism”, the word “national”, -the very idea of a united and strong nation and patriotism, these in love with their countries!
In reality, it is nationalism and patriotism that make nations strong and powerful! Nations where nationalism is cultivated – and its patriots, in so much war, become mighty warriors who defend their existence and their independence on their lands in case of attack!
Russian propaganda works hard to kill patriots and discredit nationalists, as well as to destroy artists, politicians and journalists who bring the ideas of nationalism and patriotism to the people. I’m talking about real politicians, real artists, real journalists!
This is why Russians, Russian spies, businessmen, oligarchs flooded show business, politics and the press! To destroy and destabilize nations from within.
To discredit the talents that make the glory of nations and countries, monuments of language, culture, history, rather promote pseudo or anti-culture. Voiceless singers. Poets without words. Dancers without movements, musicians without notes, actors without acting, politicians without ideas, journalists without conviction! Emptiness that you applaud!
Subversion works your senses.

Without nationalism, without patriotism, – nations and countries have no chance of survival, because nations lose their national ideas inherited from their ancestors, lose their color, their most faithful patriots. Thus, little by little, the burning fire of the nation is extinguished.

Ukrainian nationalism, and Stepan Bandera, as its leader, has nothing to do with nazism, let alone fascism!
I strongly suggest you adopt a professional and conscious approach in studying and understanding Ukrainian nationalism! Which has nothing to do with the nationalism of Marine Le Pen, who is in fact a radical fascist, not at all a nationalist! And in no case does it need russian invasion and the murdering Ukrainian people on their land.

Here, instead, is what Ukrainian nationalism proposes:

⁃ Live by honoring the memory of your ancestors.
⁃ Live with respect for your land.
⁃Respect your traditions.
⁃ Live a full life, not in freedom, but in great freedom, taking care of others around you.
⁃ Support real education, through the idea and history of Ukraine.
⁃ Speak the Ukrainian language.
⁃ Respect the laws and justice.
⁃ Respect and love strangers
⁃ Live in the national idea: for you and for everyone.
⁃ Support everyone’s abilities, professions and talents
Ukrainians love, know and protect their culture like no other, I believe that Ukrainian nationalism in its humanity, in its goodness and beauty can give an example to the whole world, how to return to oneself, to own foundations.
The Russians have misled the world for decades. They deceived and abused all of us to take over the world.
This huge country has so much wealth, oil, gas, diamonds, land, rivers, seas – but instead of living well on their own, they encroach on the territory of their neighbours, and before the eyes of entire world they destroy, kill, rape, they torture- civilians: men, woman, old, young, even children!
Russia inherited all from the USSR. All these years the world has become accustomed to identifying the USSR and its 15 republics, with different peoples, languages, culture and history – identifying the whole USRR as Russia . All seemed to understand the danger of communism and USSR.
So what happened to Europe now? Nobody understands the sinister nature of communist empire?
Le Monde, I am addressing you as a representative of the profession of journalism!
In all these threats, his blackmails, Putin said on television, during a conference that he was going to kill all the “banderivec”, that he was going to kill all the “nationalists”! I ask you the question !!
Have you done a single interview with at least one “banderivec”? A “nationalist”? Or maybe you found fascists in Ukraine?
The answers to the three questions are : no, no and no.
Then do an interview with Ukrainian patriots-warriors who are defending their land and you, the representatives of Europe, from a real fascist invasion.
Investigate professionaly the issues you raised in the two articles – study, understand – and begin to bring the truth to the world! Before it’s too late. Because the fate of Ukraine, Europe and the whole world is in your hands and the hands of people like you!

Paul Manandise

Head of Department of international influence and culture,
International analytical center of the National Security of Ukraine

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