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Good morning everybody!
I want to warn you about something that I noticed a long time ago.

I think that the idea of culture is the principle of evolution itself! It is something that this world cannot understand, even though it is right before our eyes! It is thanks to culture that we speak and can communicate! It is thanks to culture that we learn politeness, and therefore respect for others and for ourselves. Because of the cultures that we grow to eat, because of the ideas, principles, laws by which we grow and move forward. Through our cultures, old and new, we get to know each other. Belonging to our roots. Regardless of whether we were born here or not. It is our culture that we proudly show to other cultures! Culture is what represents our nation. It shows other nations who we are.

And in this, Ukraine must also win the war! So that Ukraine will never again look at other countries, but that other countries will be inspired by us! Culture is diplomacy! Culture is politics. Even the secret of our existence lies in culture! In culture there is a great history of the world. You really need to begin to make choices and decisions today.

Who do we listen to and especially why!? And this question applies to all spheres. Music, theater, literature, politics, economics, sociology…

External influences and propaganda steal your thoughts, ideas, emotions, life, they steal everything!
This is only possible because we have no choice! We are forced to listen to the same things on the radio over and over again, see the same things on television. And the idea is to make you a slave to a terrible system that does not think about everyone, but only about the chosen ones.

All this is being studied, analyzed and developed. That’s all – programming! And I know that you are now saying to yourself that this is impossible, just like when the russian army stood near the Ukrainian borders. I shouted to all the countries of the world: they are going to attack, 150 thousand of them! I begged the press to make a repost! No one listened! And everyone answered me or said to themselves: “But don’t worry”, But it’s not possible”, “But they won’t go that far”! Everything is the opposite! They- went! They have been following this path for centuries! And we were loosing!
When russia started its new plan for world domination, because – don’t forget – the ultimate idea of communism is a completely russian world! Their method again involves blackmail, influence, terrorism and more. To come to this “undermining” – “ideological, which, I would like to remind you, is a method that manipulates us, influences us. Destroys us. This plan primarily attacks the principle and idea of identification through russification and language war. But language is also culture! What gives us existence as a nation.
Who are we without identification?Nobody. Without self identification we are easily influenced!
This is an ideological war, and russia is acquiring fictional history. russia does not have its own national idea, everything is stolen! There is not even a real language! True, if you look closely, how many foreign words are there in what is called the russian “language”? And because of genocide! Genocide of Ukraine! Genocide from the first years russia came to existence! Beginning from the name, which was stolen from Kyivska Rus. Through wars, through a system of influence, propaganda, blackmail, penetration into all spheres, through disinformation, bribing media and governments, espionage, destabilization, corruption, organized crime, terrorism. . . They wanted to kill us and appropriate not only our land, but also our history!

Show business plays an important role in the war! Influence – propaganda – manipulation … they want to kill culture, because they do not even understand what it is. And russian infiltration into all the countries of the world also happens through show business! What is show business – a joke. Infiltration plays on corruption! With the help of money. Money corrupts black hearts, lost souls, those who have forgotten who they are.

Where are the real bandits, who for me are only weaklings. And who will never have my respect! It is their system that is killing us today, and I see that the world does not understand!

You know that as a result of the tyrannic regime, the national socialist experiment of nazi Germany, the Reich, the propaganda of Goebbels… people were completely hypnotized. In the USA, they created a denazification program. Let it be known to you, and please realize that after the Second World War it took from 2 to 5 years to denazify one person!
Imagine today, with progress, science, the progress of mass psychology, …?

In order to ensure a normal life, normal thoughts, normal feelings, to resist the tentacles of russian influence, we have to learn to look at beautiful things again! Listen to beautiful music. Live beautiful moments and inspire each other. To be together. It is necessary that no one ever again allows himself to influence others, dictating what is possible and what is not, what is good and what is bad. We will have to learn to think freely again. In our thoughts, we need to be guided by only two criteria: beauty and excellence. Learn to choose things that make us feel. Not to follow someone because we think they are better, but to choose what we like. Otherwise, we will allow russia to win again!

Unfortunately, few people in the world understand what ideological subversion is. This is why many people do not know what they feel and why! And the only real reason why there is no military here in Ukraine is because the russian program at all levels of life prevents the decision systems from realizing the truth.

And then comes real question:

If we feel nothing, can we say that we are alive?

I want to reassure everyone who considers themselves emotional: being emotional is normal. Showing feelings is normal. Suppressed feelings, unexpressed, restrained – create only frustration. Which is the #1 cause of death worldwide. Suppressed frustrations affect the neurological system! Causing psychosomatic disorder. Frustration and discontent in certain individuals cause aggression, crimes, murders, war. So I’m asking you all! Absolutely everyone! Learn to recognize the russian program of ideological sabotage. It works everywhere, at all levels and in all areas! Spread your knowledge around the world as much as possible. The same is true for Ukraine. And act accordingly. Don’t give in. Come back to your feelings Care, think about others! And then we will create base for our victory.

Paul Manandise

Head of Department of international influence and culture,
International analytical Center of the National Security of Ukraine

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