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The story of the teenagers killed by the russian occupiers in Berdiansk

The story of the teenagers killed by the occupiers in Berdiansk: Oganesyan, accused of sabotage, was brutally tortured, Khanganov would have turned 17 these days.

The day before, in occupied Berdiansk, Russian invaders killed two teenagers who actively defended the pro-Ukrainian position – Tigran Ohanesyan and Mykyta Khanganov. The latter would have turned 17 today.

This was reported by the coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights Olga Reshetylova.

Commenting on the murder of Tigran Hovhannisyan and Mykyta Khanganov, she noted that the Media Initiative for Human Rights had been working on their case since last fall.

“We are still preparing the official position of the MHRC, there are still too many unknown circumstances in this story to draw unequivocal conclusions. But there are a few facts that need to be known and clearly recorded now so that the murderers of the boys do not escape punishment,” Reshetylova notes.

She goes on to elaborate on these facts:

1. The story began in September last year, when “investigators” kidnapped Tyhran from his home and brutally tortured him for five days. 

2. Investigators of the Investigative Committee were preparing the case for trial, accusing Mykyta and Tyhran of preparing a sabotage.

3. The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the boys, demanding their release from the occupied territory.

4. After that, the charges against the boys were divided. Mykyta was to be charged with theft, and Tyhran with sabotage.

5. A few days ago, an investigator with an armed escort came to pick up the boys, but they managed to escape. 

6. On the day before the murder, the boys distinguished themselves in the occupation police. Half an hour before the investigator called his parents to inform them that the boys had been killed, Tyhran’s mother talked to him. Tyhran was calm, saying that they were walking with Mykyta and thinking about how to celebrate Mykyta’s birthday. Mykyta would have turned 17 today.

7. At the moment, we see a lot of discrepancies in facts, time, and clothing. The parents have not seen the boys’ bodies yet. Instead, their relatives have been tortured with interrogations and searches since yesterday evening. This gives grounds to question the main version of the investigation about the attack on the police. At least the parents of Tigran and Mykyta believe that the whole shootout and the dying video is a staging to kill the boys.

8. Ukrainian investigative authorities have opened a criminal investigation into the murder of the children.

“We are cooperating with the investigation and providing all the information we have. However, the MHRC will conduct its own detailed investigation into the circumstances of the murder,” Reshetylova added. 

As reported, the occupation authorities of Zaporizhzhia region said that on June 24, two pro-Ukrainian “terrorists” were eliminated in Berdiansk. One of them is a 16-year-old teenager Tigran Ohanesyan.

Traitor Rogov claims that at about 19:00 two people “opened fire with assault rifles” on the city’s embankment.

“As a result of coordinated and prompt actions of law enforcement agencies, the terrorists were blocked and destroyed,” Rogov said. He said that one of them was Tigran Ohanesyan, a 16-year-old teenager who had previously been detained by the occupiers for his pro-Ukrainian position. A video showing Tigran is also circulating on local Telegram channels. He is holding an assault rifle and says: “That’s it, this is death, guys. Goodbye. Glory to Ukraine.” The video also shows the voice of a second guy responding: “Glory to the heroes”.

The Russian invaders detained Tigran Hovhannisyan in September 2022. The occupiers accused him and another teenager, Mykyta Khanganov, of terrorism. They faced imprisonment for 20 years.

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