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The physical front line – the political front line

Invisible Front (Part 1)


First of all, I would like to express my disgust, my  great disappointment and deep anger at Europeans and the world, which allows itself to be lulled and hypnotized by the russian propaganda.

I want to tell you and warn you: it is deadly!

Propaganda, which I am reminding you of, is not a word, not an idea, it is not the wind.

Propaganda is a powerful, brutal and deadly weapon of war, far greater than even the tactical atomic bomb.  This terrible weapon of war has caused millions of deaths over the millennia.

Russia has already developed an offensive plan. Attacks to the end. Infiltration! In all areas. And it almost won your brains! See for yourself.

We have reached a critical point, almost the point of no return.

The real problem is that you believe the russian propaganda that wants to kill you, more than you are willing to see the truth.

Europeans, as well as citizens of the world, I would like to tell you and announce today that russia has been attacking you for decades. That this war was being prepared for a long time. And, if you have not yet fully understood the idea of communism, I tell you now that this is a completely russian world. So that the whole world would speak russian, sing russian, eat  russian, write russian, live russian.

To fully understand how propaganda works, I’m giving you a tool that will surely help you counter it.

For decades, russia has done everything to make you lose your sanity. That is, your ability to think, to analyze, to understand. You no longer have your own ideas, in any case – not enough. You are already doing what you are asked. You are copying. You have lost your own opinion, personal taste, you do everything “ as needed”.

Only it is needed- not for

you. It is what russia needs.

You are rendered incapable to refuse blind faith in russian propaganda.

Are you ready to leave your children on putin’s “ merci”?

I want to tell you that this is not a good idea.

The first thing you need to do to free yourself from influence is to be open and honest with yourself first. Ego controls you, it’s hard.

Everything they do is not humane. He is not human. If you start to be honest with yourself, it will allow you to gradually restore your ability of thinking independently, to analyse all independently , it will rebuild your system of judgments.

Ask yourself, do you really want to buy it, or do you really like it? Is it what you really want to hear…what you want to feel.

Then – you need to open your eyes and ears wide.

It is not easy to free oneself from the influence.

Look carefully at your life and analyse it.

Look carefully for a few minutes at the state our world is in now.

To understand, it will  be difficult, it will require an effort of concentration. But if you do it, I am sure that very soon you will begin to see, understand, realise the reality. And then – you will feel human, free human. In full consciousness.

An I want to say that my anger, greatly, is directed at all media, channels, and European and world media groups.

Journalists of the world! Disseminating russian propaganda you greatly aggravate the situation.  And don’t you say that you don’t know anything about it: after all, the money goes .. somewhere ..

I want to tell you that you are promoting destructive propaganda.

Maybe you don’t know it, and – if you don’t, I’ll explain.

A terrorist when he appears on television, what does he do?

He TERRORISES. Spreads terror.

Because it is one of his most feared weapons. Blackmail, lies, threats, intimidation! To make the whole world freeze in fear.

Media! You broadcast and rebroadcast russia, which, and -MIND YOU:

according to a treaty ratified by all European member countries, russia was declared a STATE SPONSOR of international TERRORISM!!!

This means that every time in Europe and in the world, any mention of russia MUST be accompanied with this DISCLAIMER !!!    To WARN the citizens of the world about the danger!

That declaration was signed, ratified.

Then it must become law!

Why don’t you obey the law?

Since when are terrorists allowed to appear on television? Since when do terrorists have the right to be invited to international gatherings?

AL Qaeda!

Do extremist and other Islamist groups appear on television?

Do you remember the terrorist attack, for which the terrorist group ISIS took responsibility, which was carried out on the premises of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo? That caused a dozen deaths! The whole world gathered in Paris for a great march of freedom and solidarity! All the presidents were there! It was so impressive! The whole world against terrorism!

Here now russia, which finances all this, causes hundreds thousands of deaths! Millions even! That destroys peace in the whole world! Manipulates the world!

Tortures of Ukrainians! Murders of Ukrainian women and children by the thousands! Missiles, bombs, prohibited chemical weapons! Nuclear blackmail!

Nobody says anything?! Does nothing?!

Is this normal?

Don’t Ukrainians deserve a peaceful life on their territory? Ukrainians protect the world every day and die every day! Hundreds of thousands died here! Every day!!!

Where are the presidents who marched in Paris against terrorism? It is the same criminals that are destroying Ukraine now!!!

Why do you allow terrorists to kill the sons and daughters of your neighbors? For what?

I have never seen a terrorist group with so many rights on TV!

This violates any morality and questions the sovereignty of every current European president who, by not opposing terrorist propaganda, terrorism- cooperates with the main terrorist – put-in!

Today its a critical point and time to finally choose the side!

To admit mistakes!

Because your mistakes, dear Europeans, cost us our lives, the lives of our children and all of us! You will need to stop hiding behind nice phrases or shameful political sentences..

You give russia the right to terrorize the whole world… And this is an absolute shame! The very indignity! Disrespect to Ukraine and its heroes who die for you! Is that how you thank them?

Now let me be very clear!

I remind the European presidents!

European ministers!

The mayors!

The judges!

The prosecutors!

The security services!

To everyone who is directly or indirectly related to the law!

The fact of broadcasting footages of war, shootings, blackmail and all the horrors and atrocities that russia is committing on the territory of Ukraine, without condemning these actions-called –


And you are all guilty of it!

Will someone rectify this despicable picture?

I also want to remind you, dear elected representatives of the people, the guarantors of the people’s freedom and power…

Apologism of the terrorism is considered a SERIOUS CRIME.

For this, the law stipulates a MINIMUM – strict imprisonment!

And the law in Europe applies to everyone! This also applies to Presidents!

Ministers and deputies!

Will someone take care of this? !

Now let me remind you and quote the first articles of human rights, which are the principles and laws by which we live and which I remind you, ministers, deputies, presidents, these articles of human rights were written by people, peoples, after revolutions!

Article 1: “All people are equal in rights”!

I ask you to think carefully today and choose which side you are on!

And also to finally realize that russia is attacking us all through the media! For the sake of the future of our children, please react as soon as possible! Neutralise subversions, stop propaganda!


Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes!


Paul Manandise,


Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine

#ПольМанандіз #PaulМanandise