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I would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the phenomenal work they are doing, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as the entire team of the ministry for considering me one of the most efficient and effective people competent to communicate with the international community. it was, and remains, something very important, in the idea that people realize what Russians really are!

I would also like to thank the Ukrainian Institute, as well as the site that I really like… Ukrainer!

Who shows the truth about Ukraine accessible to everyone in a fair way and with good and great creativity!

Culture, as you have understood, is an important element because that is where wars begin – ideas!
And ideas, whether good or bad
startand inspire through culture!

culture is not just theater, music, literature! culture is also education, it is the ability to live with others, it is the acceptance of what others want.

It’s about never imposing what others don’t want!

It must be noted, and admitted, that Russia is in fact the least cultured and least educated country in the world!
The “Bolshoi” ballet… mmmh…
and “Bolshoi” orchestra mmm..
But what else do they have to show their so “bolshoi”heart?
(Bolshoi in “russian” means big )
Russia which uses and plays with the idea of classical singers and musicians, dancers, theater to infiltrate the world…
That’s just the “Bolshoi”, in reality!
An intelligence instrument from the Russian services!

Russia has no real strong identity.
She stole her identity when she stole from Ukraine, the name “Rus” which comes from “Kyivska Rus”, Rus is Kyiv, and KIYV… It’s Ukraine!
But I. The reality , Kyiv was create before moscow , Kyiv is more old then moscow!

So try for a moment to imagine the lack of culture in Russia! And today, through this war, realize how important education is!

Putin’s oversized and sick ego proves it!!!
He lies, he kills, he steals,
He’s a racketeer!
he finances international terrorism!
He bonds with tyrants, people who claim to be the leaders of their states but who are in reality worthless people, capable of killing their own people…!

I think of Putin’s allies like Bashar Al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Ramzam Kadyrof, who are the image of the mafia, a romanticized idea, but which inside is one of the most disgusting in the world!

The idea of the mafia, which commits crimes and keeps silent together, the bandit law known as omerta!
except that this law, no gangster has ever respected it, they all sold themselves and then killed each other. And the very principle of a hierarchical mafia:
kill the “Boss” to become the Boss!

How do you expect this world to be acceptable with psychopaths like them ruling millions of people?
Putin didn’t have a good education, he doesn’t know much about reality, Putin is just a little thug from the KDB who likes to shed blood, like all thugs.

Putin, who, I remind you, provoked numerous wars before Ukraine!
Georgia, Afghanistan and others!

I would like to warn you that recently the work of the FDB has become visible in Bulgaria, where Russian or pro-Russian Nazis have covered themselves under the masks of nationalists and patriots, but who are in reality real Nazis, trying to overthrow the country . Bulgaria, exposed to very heavy propaganda! Bulgaria which unfortunately, uninformed, unprepared, cannot even fight against propaganda!
Personally, I would like to help them!
This is our common fight!
All this suggests that culture-diplomacy is an incredible force!
Just like parallel diplomacy!

and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people I work with and who trust me! and also to all those who support me!
And who support what I say and do!
Thank you to all of you !

The truth about Ukraine, with all the meanings it may have, is our victory!


Paul Manandise,


Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine


#ПольМанандіз #PaulМanandise