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Andreas, my brother, I would like to talk to you with all the honor and respect you deserve!

In first place ,
First of all, I would like to thank your parents for the good and great education they gave you.

You had a so big heart , so immense , that you gives your life for othersat 22 !

is exceptional!
At the same time we would have loved it if you survived..

War …

Dear parents.
Madam, sir I would like to address to you, and I think that the entire Great Ukrainian Nation joins me in extending to you our most sincere condolences.
And all our respects.

Know that We know and and we understand what you are feeling like no one else!

Andreas, you are a hero of the free world!
A hero who understood and who sacrificed himself so that we all lived!

And I want to tell you that
Your honor Andreas lives forever!

I think it is essential to maintain the memory of the Heroes as well as to tell their stories, this way, they live forever!

You sacrificed your precious life, your 22 years, so that we could all live!

Those who defended the world for the glory of Ukraine and for the glory of France and for the survival of our freedoms and humanity deserve all honors.

There are angels on this planet.
Angels who are endowed with incredible strength! With wisdom and a strong conscience.

They go away and leave us when their mission is completed… and go to join their angel family.

Dear parents, Madam Sir, I can only thank you for such a son!
Death for the pride of France and Europe as he says himself!

My brother in arms, Andreas! As for you, I can only thank you and tell you with compassion, strength, respect, sadness, honor and strength what we say for the heroes of our country!

Slava Ukrainі!



Paul Manandise,


Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine


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