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Nazis and patriots: Russian propaganda in Europe

I appeal to all the security services of the world!

I know you are reading!

And I know that you don’t want to reveal yourself.

This is an appeal to everyone in public service!

Remember that you serve the people, not the government!

You protect the government, and you serve the nation! This is the meaning of taking an oath of loyalty to the constitution.

People – first!!!


This is how you can expose agents, traitors, spies and other murderers of humanity in your countries!

In the link I am posting below, here is a company that works for russia, with russia; please pay special attention to everything they write, to every word.



And first of all through the words to understand the hidden intention, and then try to understand how they will try to manipulate your brain.

To change your mind.

I’ll give you a hint, but I can’t do anything for you!

Returning to reality requires your efforts. And the way to understand, you can do this to fix forever and never again be affected by russia’s daily and constant attacks through propaganda, programs of ideological sabotage, of diversions, through false information, etc.!


Here is a concrete example:

Here, the site has the word protection in its name, which immediately makes it look pretty serious, doesn’t it?

Probably really just petty informants cooperating here and there for a few small donniers, let’s call him what he deserves, and an intelligence prostitute!

Those who don’t need intelligence but stay in touch to get a little information.

They are generally unreliable people. Evidence!


Here we are talking about the “Azov” regiment, allegedly associated with neo-nazis!

Even the title of the article is already NLP: “Nazis” is thrown at the end of the phrase, next to ?.

Even if you don’t read the article, the dirty work has been done – the label “nazi” is attached to the word “Azov”.

Did “Azov” specifically kill more than 100,000 civilians in Mariupol?

the Heroes of the planet, having

the colors of Azov are warriors who live the Ukrainian national idea!

Who protect the Ukrainian language, culture, values, traditions. And the territory!

 “Azov” is a special battalion created to counter russian attacks, including in Mariupol, where the Russian army took the lives of more than 100,000 civilians!

Almost 10 years in Ukraine and I have not seen a single nazi!

The best thing is to come and see for yourself! Come see Ukraine! Anywhere and anytime, there are no nazis in Ukraine! And it is still far away in Azov, which, unlike the russians, live by certain ethics and a certain code of honor, and above all, the code of a person! What in Russia, or how these people who publish this book, which incites hatred, which lies and terrorizes, is written by russian terrorists themselves…


Where are the terrorists from?

Do russian neo-nazis have the right to publish?

How can you?!

Sooner or later you will answer in court for your shameful actions, in particular, for this broadcast, about which I myself filed a complaint

A morning to stir up enmity!

And for apologizing for terrorism.

Russia is starving its proud soldiers in prison! They are given only 40 grams of food per day!!!

40 g for Heroes of Azov.

Learn a little!

What do journalists do to you?

It can be a lot of work!


The russians are killing and torturing the captured Heroes of Azov who courageously defended Humanity on the Maidan!


Azov people are good people! Just talk to them for two minutes!


Why does the Human Rights Commission not look at what russia is doing with Azov?


Do you remember that russia deliberately bombed the prison where the “Azov” prisoners were kept?!

Do you know that almost all the defenders of Mariupol have already died?

Do you know that they were ordered to leave their positions because there was an “agreement” that russia, as usual, cynically did not fulfill? After all, they have been lying for years and centuries.


You site people manipulating people’s minds to better control them! You should be in prison instead of “Azov”!

Azov fighters protected Mariupol residents from russian neo-nazis who caused 100,000 civilian deaths!


You are the shame of humanity!

Human waste!

You have neither dignity nor humanity. But you may be embarrassed in front of your children when they find out what you did! And we’ll be there to explain who you really are.


Paul Manandise,


Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine


#ПольМанандіз #PaulМanandise