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Kelsie Kimberlin foundation announces campaign for American drones to save Ukrainian lives

Popular American-Ukrainian singer Kelsie Kimberlin today announced a campaign to raise funds through her Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation to purchase American-made drones to save lives in Ukraine.

This comes after Kelsie’s 21-year-old cousin was killed in February by russian kamikaze drone on the front line in Ukraine. “While Ukraine has its own robust drone manufacturing capabilities, American drone manufacturers can offer added capacity along with enhanced technology to protect both civilians and soldiers across the battlefield,” Kelsie said. “These American drones are cost-competitive and can be delivered within weeks of their purchase. ” 

American drones for Ukraine can be employed in many ways such as surveillance, tactical reconnaissance, tracking enemy forces, delivering supplies to civilians and soldiers, collecting data, eradicating enemy assets that are being used to harm Ukrainians, and leading citizens to safe areas. Every mission of every drone is a life-saving mission, and the majority of drones are used repeatedly.

Kelsie has chosen California-based drone company Neros Tech for this fundraising campaign because its drones are resistant to electronic jamming, have a high payload capacity and long-range, use U.S.-made electronics, have undergone rigorous testing, and are adaptable with many cameras and configurations. Neros recently received $10.9 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital and others and opened a high-capacity R&D and manufacturing facility to ramp up the production of its innovative drones.

The Congressional delay in American funding for Ukraine caused a gaping hole in Ukraine’s ability to prosecute the war and protect itself from enemy attacks. This led to thousands of unnecessary deaths as well as wonton destruction by the enemy along the frontline.

“Americans saved Europe when an odious enemy invaded it during WWII,” said Kelsie. “Millions of Americans came together to support our allies during that war. I am calling on Americans of all stripes to rally again to support Ukraine. Our goal must be total victory through strength. Let us build an invincible American drone air force with endless waves of lifesaving drones protecting and defending the citizens, skies, and territory of Ukraine. Let us show the world that this is the proud and patriotic way Americans act and lead.”

Kelsey Kimberlin is the authorized representative of the National Security Information and Analytical Center of Ukraine Branch in the United States of America.